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Activate account

Students receive their account data every term via their blue document. Lecturers and employees get their data from ZIK.
In the beginning, the account is in an initial state and has to be activated. For this purpose you need your IT username and the initial password. With this data you can activate your account and set your own password.

IT username
initial password

The new password has to match the security regulations. It is absolutely mandatory to abide by the following rules:
  1. min. 8 characters
  2. may not be identical with first name, surname, username or parts of them which are identical
  3. may not coincide with the last used passwords
  4. The password has to consist of three out of four categories:
    1. upper case characters (A..Z)
    2. lower case characters (a..z)
    3. digits (0..9)
    4. special characters (!ยง$%&()=?+*-_.: etc.)
new password
repeat new password

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